DAL POZZO started during the 60s taking care of repair on old winches, after few years with this initial activity, the company started its path of designing and manufacturing its own product, first from the hydraulic and mechanical versions, then implementing the electric range shortly after. To date, Dal Pozzo counts over 50 years on the market with its own brand and product, dealing with the production of bronze wheel+worm screw winches.

From the beginning it its production, it's been placed in a very good position into the European markets in terms of technical solutions, quality/price ratio and breadth of product range, trying to meet the needs of the various market sectors, also thanks to customer assistance in terms of application of the product.

In September 2018 Dal Pozzo became an active part of the TMA Winches group, with which it collaborates on various fronts, including that of reciprocally integrating the design and marketing of the related products, offering an even wider range of products, including now also planetary reduction winches with effective line pull up to 30t, in addition to further growth in the company structure and the research for new technical solutions.

In 2020 Dal Pozzo moved from the old headquarters to in Medicina (BO) the new headquarters in Cento di Budrio (BO), installed on a larger plant with more space for production (assembly and mechanical processing), storage and offices.

You can see us at our headquarters or as exhibitors in most of the sector fairs at European level because we believe in the direct relationship with the customer. In absence of direct relation, especially in these times with severe travel restrictions, we are strengthening our presence on the market through this new website, hoping to meet you soon, then our products will say the next word once they work for you or your end customers.

Davide Mengoli
General Manager