Electric (AC 220-380V) winches - worm drive system "DPE A" series

We design and manufacture customized winches in order to fully satisfy the needs of each application.

The 220-380 AC electric winches with combined parallel axis reduction gears + worm screw cover a range that allows to cover various types of work, typically on furniture with high performance and better reliability thanks to the design that has been tested over the decades.

This series of winches are equipped with an electric motor with IP55 protection degree* that can work at 50Hz or 60 Hz frequency and it is equipped with the kickoff system as standard.

Taking advantage of the partnership with our sister company TMA, we can then propose winches of greater dimensions and pulling force customized for your needs, potentially up to 30,000daN.

We also provide a wide range of accessories such as remote control, radio control, ropes, blocks, hooks, fairlead rollers. Last but not least, the INVERTER can make them work at variable speed

    • Marine painting under request
    • Special drum length under request
    • Others IP degrees under request
  • Rope (with or without hook)
  • Fairlead rollers
  • Rope pressure roller
  • Remote control kit
Winch Direct line pull force
at 1st layer
Power supply
Rope drum
daN V mm m
DPE - AS 2700 1500÷4500 220-380 8-10 15÷25
DPE - A 2700 1500÷4500 220-380 8÷12 35÷60