Dal Pozzo cares about safety from both main aspects:
- The safety of our workers and employees
- The safety of who installs and who uses our products

It is widely known that the use of a winch implies numerous risks due to the load, its handling, the position of the operator, the rope and other factors that are not always evident.

In addition to the simplicity of construction, the worm screw system inhibits the spontaneous release of the load without the need for a brake that engages and disengages depending on the hydraulic lines.

Dal Pozzo designs winches that comply with the Machinery Directive, however adding the precautions resulting from decades of experience in the sector.

It is also our fixed point of the group to improve various aspects regarding the protection and correct spooling of the rope on the drum that, in pulling applications, has always been a challenge for everyone.

We already have winches with fairlead rollers, spooling devices and new mechanical systems are currently under design process and soon launched on the market.

All our remote control systems, with or without wire, have an emergency stop. Some also have a key for powering the system, or engine shutdown in the case of special applications, using the same contact.

In the complete equipment we also provide protection systems with metal grids, including that for the operator, placed between the control panel and the work area.


In AC winches, the control panel (auxiliary controls) is powered with a voltage reduced to 48V from the relative transformer supplied with DPE A.