Special equipment with worm drive winch


Questi dispositivi completi fanno parte, assieme ai DPA, della nostra gamma di attrezzature complete da collegare alla macchina del cliente.

The differences are mainly that the Verrbens are powered by the hydraulic system of the basic machine (and not mechanically by the PTO) and that the uses for these models are more focused on public works, especially cable pulls, optical fibers and other more uses, generally less intensive than forestry; however, special stronger versions are available for heavy use.

  • Special drum length under request
  • Intermediate line pull values between 4000 and 10000, under request
  • Rope (with or w/out hook)
  • Fairlead rollers
  • Rope pressure roller
  • Remote control kit
Model Max line pull
at 1st layer
(pressione e portata)
Rope capacity
on drum
  kg bar - l/min mm m
VERRBEN - 4000 4000 140 - 60 8 300
VERRBEN - 10000 10000 200 - 125 16 100